how you were arrested






1. American Capitalism has produced the wealthiest society in the history of the world.


2. The protestors are doing damage to the people they claim to be helping.


3. Most of the people protesting are unemployed and do not ever intend to be functioning individuals.


4. It is the civilized society that they are protesting against that gives them the right to protest. In China, most of them would have been killed or jailed by now.


5.If you attack the police you are promoting anarchy. If that happens, society will return to the days of extreme violence.


6. The civil rights marches of the 1960's were people who laid their lives on the line to fight oppression. They were beaten by the police and struck with fire hoses. Yet, they did not run to the DA's office to press charges against a cop that hit them. You either stand for true revolution or you don't. This is nothing but a pr game.


7. The issues of inequality need to be addressed by political action not street violence against the police.


8. Ultimately the protestors will fail because most Americans do not agree with them.


- Scammers rake in $200 a day at Zuccotti Park- these people are just lazy


-11/17/11- the protestors are now disrupting people getting to work on Wall Street. This is simply wrong. What these dirty, angry, misinformed, people do not understand is that the people they are hurting are in the 99% they claim to want to help. These protestors are a completely wrong in what they are doing.